Διεθνείς Συνεργασίες

Παναγία των Παρισίων

– Ambassade de France en Grèce
– Denis Dessus, President of CNOA
– Thomas Vonier, UIA President
– Lorenz Braker, UIA Vice President R I
– Nikos Fintikakis, UIA Vice President R II
– Serban Tiganas, UIA Secretary General
– Albert Dubler, UIA Past President

Notre Dame Cathedral

The Association of Greek Architects SADAS-PEA, The Greek Section of UIA and on behalf of TCG are deeply sad and touched by the epoch making catastrophe through the fire that struck Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most magnificent Architectural Monuments of the History of France and of the World’s Cultural Heritage.

The above Greek Organizations of Architects representing Architecture, as the Mother Art of this historic monument, firmly stand by the side of their French colleagues and the UIA-International Union of Architects, in an effort that should get a global support for rapid reconstruction, rehabilitation and protection.

Dimitris Xynomilakis, President of SADAS-PEA

Fani Vavili-Tsinika, President of UIA Greek Section



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