23 January 2006



Jean-François Susini, France, has been elected President of the Architects Council of Europe (ACE) for a two-year mandate and he took up his functions on the 1st of January 2006. Together with the other ten numbers of the Executive Board, five of whom were elected and five of whom take up their seats on a rotating basis by country, the President will undertake the task of implementing ACE Policy as set out in the recently adopted Political Agenda of the ACE for the period 2006-2008. This event also marks the start of a new era for the ACE as its new statutes came into force on the same day.

For the first time the Architects Council of Europe has a directly elected President. Jean-François Susini, France, was elected during the second General Assembly of the ACE in 2005 and he took up his post on the 1st January 2006. He was the President of the Conseil national de lOrdre des architectes in France from 2000 to 2005. Also elected were Luciano Lazzari, Italy, Vice President, Katarina Nilsson, Sweden, Treasurer, Pierre-Henri Schmutz, Switzerland, Coordinator Access to the Profession, Olgierd Dziekonski, Poland, Coordinator Architecture and Society and Fabian Llisterri Monfort, Spain. The other Members of the Board by rotation are John Wright, UK, Coordinator Practice of the Profession, David Felice, Malta, Peter Benuska, Slovakia, Tonu Laigu, Estonia and Rob Budding, The Netherlands.

A major task for the new President and the Board will be the implementation of the recently adopted ACE Strategy and Multi Annual Work Programme which calls on the ACE and its membership to adopt a more political approach and re-focus its activities on priorities, to emphasise the overall sustainable quality objective and to produce practical tools for use by EU architects in the day-to-day practice of the profession. Furthermore significant efforts to develop a much improved communication strategy will be pursued with as its aim to reinforce the identity of architects and of the ACE as an organisation in the context of the Political Agenda that was adopted by the ACE General Assembly in November 2005 and that can be downloaded through the following link:


Luciano Lazzari as Vice President has been given special responsibility for Communication issues and it is expected that the presence of the ACE in the public eye will increase significantly during the mandate of the new Board, which will implement a new thematic approach to the work of the ACE set out in three pillars: Access to the Profession; Practice of the Profession and Trade in Services; The Role of Architecture in Society.

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